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More Little Golden Books

All the dog books on the last page were published by Golden Books. Well, here are some more, with fewer dogs, but more planes and postal workers.

Bobby and His Airplanes

Bobby and His AirplanesThis book has been out of print for years, and at the time of writing remains so - except in the Netherlands, where publishers Rubinstein have been busy reissuing classic Little Golden Books in Dutch.

I’m pleased to say that Rubinstein also publish Sadie in Dutch, and Sadie’s translator Nienke Denekamp has translated Bobby as Jan de vliegtuigman. Like all of the new Dutch Golden Books, it benefits from the care and attention of designer Piet Schreuders, who did so much to help with the design of Sadie in English editions as well as Dutch.

The art for Bobby and His Airplanes is by Tibor Gergely, who illustrated many other classic Golden Books including The Taxi that Hurried, Scuffy the Tugboat, Five Little Firemen and Seven Little Postmen, which I write about below.

The story is by Helen Palmer, and is a brilliant piece of wish fulfillment where Bobby, led by his desire to ‘see what there is to do up higher in the air’, is given first stilts, then a succession of aircraft culminating in a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. But of course he’d still like something a little bigger!

Seven Little Postmen

Seven Little PostmenThe story of the Seven Little Postmen is by Margaret Wise Brown again, along with Edith Thacher Hurd. They collaborated on a number of Little Golden Books, including Two Little Miners, which I write about below.

As I did later in in Sadie, the authors play with the well-known Herodotus quote that is inscribed on the old New York Post Office building, declaring the duty of the Mail Service. Another great writer who beat me there is Carl Barks, in one of his Donald Duck comics from the fifties.

And the art is Tibor Gergely again. There are many pleasures here, but I especially like the painting of the night train, with a cutaway view of the mail sorting car.

I’ve long had a weakness for mail sorting carriages, or travelling post offices, as they were called in the UK. There are pictures of British ones in this article from the British Postal Museum & Archive. And you can see pictures and plans of Norwegian sorting carriages on the website of the postal museum in Maihaugen.

Two Little Miners

Two Little MinersPublished in 1949, Two Little Miners was the first book that Richard Scarry illustrated. There are some clues in it as to where his style would go, but it’s the differences that are more striking.

First of all, of course, these are real people he’s drawing - it’s the only book by him that I’ve seen that isn’t populated exclusively by animals. There’s also much more light and shade and modelling than in his later images, though a strong element of stylisation is already present.

The writing by Margaret Wise Brown and Edith Thacher Hurd has all the rhythm and energy you’d expect, and bears endless repeated readings - believe me, I know!


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Sadie The Air Mail Pilot
Sadie The Air Mail Pilot

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