Shelter From The Storm

This film was made by five men from the Fairgreen Shelter, COPE, Galway.

Noel Hackett, Henry Bryan, Martin O'Sullivan, Brendan Caffrey and Patrick Morton.

During a series of workshops, the group explored their ideas, planned their project and received training on the equipment. The film was shot over five days and each member of the group had the opportunity to operate the camera, record sound, write and direct. The process was facilitated by tutors from Access Film.

The result is a documentary which aims to dispel the myths and stereotypes often related to homeless people. This is achieved by personal insights into the issues of homelessness. The film depicts the personal journeys these men have made to survive, giving the viewer insight into their lives, hopes and aspirations.

The film was shot on Mini DV format and edited on Final Cut Pro3.

Running time 22 minutes.

Project funded by Galway City Partnership, Access Film. Supported by VTOS

  • When a person is treated with love and kindness they usually respond very positively as it renews their faith in human nature. In my experience my self-esteem was so low that I was almost thanking people that said hello to me. I felt, at least they did recognise I exist and there was some chance of me being treated like a human being. I had to keep saying to myself, "I am a fucking person".
    - Brendan Caffrey

  • When things are not going well, the small day to day exchanges can become very significant. An encouraging word can brighten your day or a cold shoulder can be totally demoralising.
    - Martin O'Sullivan

  • This project has for me begun the process of re-establishing the strength of my mind. It has given me the chance to come back to life. There is plenty of hope for the future.
    - Noel Hackett

  • Having seen the finished work and seen my own contribution, it has given me faith in myself that maybe I am not useless after all. I found the whole project very therapeutic and most enjoyable.
    - Patrick Morton

  • In Fairgreen Shelter I have been,
    with Donna, Martin and their team.
    You might not think it is a dream,
    but you have not seen where I have been.
    - Henry Bryan

Galway Outreach Filmmaking Project

For more information contact:
Caroline Jacobs
Florence Brument
tel (091) 567958

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