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Marina Raskova and the Night Witches, women pilots of the Russian airforce in WW II.

American WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots are at the W.A.S.P. site.

Women In Aviation International

On the WIAI site is the incredible story of gutsy aviatrix Pancho Barnes.

International Organization of Women Pilots, the Ninety-Nines.

High Flyers, Canadian women in aviation.

The Science Museum, London, has Amy Johnson's Gipsy Moth Jason on display, and a good online exhibit about her too.

Sisters in the Sky, a Danish television site about WWII female fighter pilots. In Danish, but has a reading list of English language books, and links to English language sites.

NASA's Women's Outreach Initiative.

++ COMICS LINKS ++ to top

Go to for manga by Hayao Miyazaki, author of Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. Highly recommended!

Laureline and Valerian, agents in time and space, by J.C. Mezières and P. Christin, alias Linda och Valentin in Sweden, and here's a page from Norway, and one from Finland too.

Jacques Tardi's Adèle Blanc Sec (in French).

Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot.

Frank Hampson's Dan Dare.

Straight outta Iowa, the Candlelight Press site, featuring the Neutro Worship Page.

Hob's House of Comics, online comics and drawings by Eli Bishop, mini-comics auteur.

Denis Kitchen Art Agency, original art by Harvey Kurtzman, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner and many more, including yours truly.

For more comics links, see the comics section of the Kellie Strøm's Comics and Cartoons site.

++ SCIENCE FICTION ++ to top

Philip K. Dick, author of The Man In The High Castle, Dr. Bloodmoney, The Zap Gun, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (filmed as Blade Runner), and so much more.

Illustrator Chris Moore has done several covers for Harper Collins Voyager editions of PKD books.

Painter Chesley Bonestell was a pioneer of space art. He worked with rocket scientists Willy Ley and Wernher Von Braun on books and magazine features in Life and Colliers, building popular support for space exploration in the 1940s and '50s. These led to the Disney film Man and the Moon, directed by Ward Kimball.

As a matte painter Chesley Bonestell worked on a bunch of films in the 1940s and '50s, including Howard Hawks' Only Angels Have Wings and George Pal's Conquest of Space and War of the Worlds.

Among the team behind the site is illustrator Ron Miller, concept artist on the David Lynch film of Dune

There are lots of sites devoted to the science fiction marionette shows of Gerry Anderson. For loads on Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds etc. try the TV Century 21 fan site, and Fanderson, the Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society site. Also, a collection of cutaways of many of the wonderful craft featured in the shows, and the official Thunderbirds site from Carlton TV.

Ralph McQuarrie, chief concept artist on the original Star Wars trilogy.

You can see Kellie Strøm's Star Wars art for Dark Horse Comics over here.

Spectrum's Angel Pilots
++ TIME TRAVEL ++ to top

Steve Preston's Time Travel site.

Anthony Edwards' Time Travel, A Discussion

Nova Online Time Travel Page.

Chris Marker's beautiful and mysterious short film La Jetée led to Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys. Of course Mr Gilliam was already experienced in time travel, having earlier made Time Bandits, but it's easier when you have The Map.

Meanwhile in 1984, Jack Deth is back... and he's never even been here before! Trancers by Charles Band.

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